3T Sanitary Trolley Pump

Sanitary Brewery Trolley Pump 3T

3T Trolley Pump Seal Kit

3T Pump seal Kit

Replacement for Trolley pump

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Replacement Kit for 3T Trolley pump head.

Why pump seals fail:

  • Running the pump dry : Most pumps require a liquid to lubricate the seals sealing face. If the pump is run dry this causes eccess heat and friction and the seals will fail quickly.
  • Running the pump in reverse:Most mechanical seals are designed to run in one direction.
  • Dead heading the pump. This is when the pump is under load and the flow is stopped. This cause excess pressure in the pump chamber and possible seal leaks and damage.
  • Harsh Chemical Incompatibility: The harsher the chemicals used the faster the seal will fail.
  • Harsh thermal shifts: Sudden switching from boiling to cold liquids places significant stress on the mechanical seals.
  • Excessive vibrations:Causes axial and radial play of the pump shaft which causes an increase in seal leakage and failure.
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