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CraftCube Czech Pale Lager Fresh Wort Kit

Includes: Fresh wort kit and 34/70 yeast .

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Czech Pale Lager Fresh Wort Kit.

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Czech Pale Lager (výčepní) - Saaz Hops

Medium body Pale Lager with spicy Saaz flavour and aromas.

Czech style Pale Lager (výčepní) Fresh Wort Kit contains:

Approx 17.5L of Fresh Wort OG 1.050

1 x 34/70 yeast satchel 11.5gm

Add 2-3L of pre boil (non chlorinated) or bottled water to fermenter to desired gravtity.

3L addition = SG 1.043 and potential 4.1% ABV finish

2L addition = SG 1.045 and potential 4.3% ABV finish

No Mashing or Boiling required.

A lighter-bodied, rich, refreshing, hoppy, bitter pale Czech lager having the familiar flavors of the stronger Czech Premium Pale Lager (Pilsner-type) beer but in a lower alcohol, lighter-bodied, and slightly less intense format.

History: Josef Groll initially brewed two types of beer in 1842–3, a výčepní and a ležák, with the smaller beer having twice the production.This is the most consumed type of beer in the Czech Republic at present.

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